Transitions Development


Transitions Development was formed with the intention
of helping people with various abilities find ways
to live their best lives.




After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology, Phil began his career working in the manufacturing industry. And while he enjoyed a successful career as a Manufacturing Engineer for more than 25 years, he knew there was something more for him, a way he could make a bigger difference in the world. In 2016, Phil decided to follow his instincts and took on a role as a coach for multiple sports with Ozaukee Special Olympics. He’d volunteered as a youth football coach in his community for more than two decades, so he knew this experience would be rewarding. What he didn’t anticipate is that it would help him uncover his true passion and lead him to his next career as a Job Developer/Coach and Mentor for people with special needs.

Phil Konrath

Phil provides job development and coaching support to individuals who are looking
to round out their lives with a job that suits their needs and offers them an opportunity
to participate in their community.

Phil serves as a bridge between individuals and employers who are interested in creative and innovative ways to fulfill various roles in their organizations. His focus is on building strong connections, ensuring both parties understand each other and that there is an opportunity for a mutually fulfilling, sustainable relationship.

In addition to job development and coaching, Phil acts as a mentor to people who want to develop various daily living skills. Whether it’s helping someone learn to cook, create exercise habits for better physical health, engage more effectively in social settings, or just have an outlet to share their challenges, Phil takes great pride in being a partner and a support system.

Regardless of where or how Phil is engaging with his clients, what you’ll notice most is his true compassion for the individuals he supports and his desire to help them live their best lives.

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