Transitions Development
Job Coaching

For someone with a disability, finding a job
is a big step toward living their best life.

But once that new job is secured, finding the right support
to retain that job can become just as important.

That’s where we come in

We work individually with our clients and their employers to help ensure that their job remains as secure as possible and that their goals for the future remain within reach.

If it’s determined a job coach would be helpful to retaining employment, we partner with our clients to create a structure that’s best for them. Our job coaches work hard to understand each client’s unique needs and goals so that they can create a schedule and system that best supports the individual on the job. Whether that be short-term to get someone started, or long-term for the duration of their employment, our job coaches remain committed to the client’s success.

Some of the ways our job coaches help our clients include:

  • Creating tools or job aids that assist an individual in obtaining independence at work;
  • Providing assistance with creating self-management strategies to deal with challenges, conflict and set-backs;
  • Helping an individual to build natural supports and relationships at work;
  • Acting as an advocate with the employer by providing education on proactive ways to create accommodations and/or support for the newly hired individual.

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