Transitions Development

At Transitions Development, we believe
that everyone could use a little mentoring.

We know that it can be hard enough to navigate many of the challenges our day-to-day life brings, but especially if you face unique challenges due to a disability.

We engage deeply with our clients in this space and take a holistic approach with
our mentoring services.

Because mentoring relationships are between two individuals, each will obviously be unique. However, we know that the most effective mentoring relationships have certain things in common. For example, the longer the relationship continues, the more positive the outcome. In addition, individuals are more likely to benefit from mentoring if their mentor maintains frequent contact with them and gets to know not only them, but the rest of their support system including their families and/or care givers.

Meeting Our Clients Where They Are

Our mentors work hard to ensure they understand our client’s needs, interests, hopes, challenges, goals, etc. Our intention is to meet our clients where they’re at today, but to also help them move toward living their best life.

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